Refractory concrete MINRO-AL CAST A44

Price: on request

MINRO-AL CAST A44 is a tabular alumina-based refractory castable recommended for application to the inside face of coreless induction furnace coils in all melting and holding applications. MINRO-AL® CAST A44 is also suitable where grout and rings are cast as a monolith. This product offers many benefits and features, including forming a solid container for the proper support of the working lining, the ability to be electrically insulative when applied between induction coils, and a usefulness as an entirely new coil coating, or for patching existing coatings.

 Product Information:
material required 2.72 g/cm3 (170 lb/ft3);
grain size 1.5 mm (14 mesh) and finer;
maximum practical use temperature 1815 0C (3300 0F);
installation method: vibration or trowel;
procedure(s)  CL-1, CL-2, CL-4, CL-37, CL-40. 

Packaging information:
25 kg (55 lb) multi-wall paper bags;
bulk bag packaging available upon request;
shelf life, storage beyond 24 months not recommended. Store in a dry location to avoid moisture pickup.