Refractory mix MINRO–FIRE CAST F80

Price: on request

MINRO-FIRE CAST F80 is a fireclay-based castable refractory designed for use in furnace covers, burner tunnels, ексхауст ducts, starter block molds, coreless furnace rings, bases, and pedestals. This product offers the following benefits and features:
• wide range of use and temperature applicability;
• ease and speed of installation;
• exhibits a good blend of insulating properties, strength, and durability.

Technical data:
material equired 2.24 g/cm3 (140 lb/ft3);
• grain size 5 mm (4 mesh) and finer;
maximum use temperature 1650 0С(3000°F);
installation method: casting, vibration;
procedure(s) G-33.

Packaging information:
packaged in 55-lb (25.0 kg) multi-wall paper bags. Storage beyond 24 months is not recommended. Store in a dry location to avoid moisture pickup.