Refractory mixes E.C.T.P. RefractoriesThe plant is founded in 1925, on production of refractory clay, a refractory brick. Family pattern of ownership, works 16-20 people. Total sales in 2014 amounted to 9 million euros. Certificate of ISO 9001. Concrete are stored in bags on 25 kg on pallets and in bulk in separate compartments. Concrete consist of 10-20 components. Temperature regime of use materials till 1800 0C.

The name of refractory concretes is subdivided by the way of their laying on:
Gunec (gunning);
Shortec (gunning);
Betonec (refractory);
Vibrec (it is established by vibro-packing, the low maintenance of concrete);
Autec (self-flowing concrete, poured into complex shapes);
Isolec (insulating concrete);
Reapec (repair mixtures);
Injec (injected into hard-to-reach places);
Gealtec (does not consume water for the ligament, gel-like, does not require a precise temperature holding schedule).

Example of interpretation of the name of Gunec 835F concrete:
• Gunec 835F – is the name;
• 83% are the content of alumina;
• 5 mm are the size of granules;
• F - this maintenance of a fiber.

Primary branches of use of concrete:
• blast furnaces production;
• cement production;
• aluminum production.