Refractory boards Morgan Advanced Materials

The company Morgan Advanced Materials is a manufacturer of refractory boards with high quality due to innovative technologies and process control at all stages of the manufacturing process. Using three types of fibers, high-temperature insulation items (plates) have excellent thermophysical properties:
• boards that contain a unique biologically dissoluble fiber Superwool (application temperature up to 1300 0С);
• boards made of refractory ceramic fibers (RCF) or so-called aluminosilicate wool (ASW) - Kaowool, Cerafibre, Cerachem and Cerachrome (application temperatures up to 1649 0С);
• refractory boards are made of polycrystalline fibers (PCW) with application temperatures up to 1600 0С.

These items (refractory boards) are used to protect equipment, save energy and improve process efficiency at high temperatures. For example:
• the lining of furnaces and boilers
• thermal equipment insulation,
• as high-temperature gaskets and fittings,
• contact parts for the processing of non-ferrous metals, including molten aluminium etc.