Refractory mastic and mortar are wide used to perform various technical tasks concerning the industrial equipment lining and thermal insulation. Refractory mastic and mortar are produced in the form of wet mixes and are ready for immediate usage in production or repair processes. Refractory mortar (mortar for masonry furnaces) is perfect for laying the refractory bricks and more solid refractories, as well as for laying the heavy-duty refractory bricks with high alumina content, at temperatures up to 1760 ºC. Refractory mastic is perfect for solving a variety of repair tasks. Refractory mortar and mastic, due to their excellent thermal and physical properties, show an excellent result after their application. Refractory mortar and mastics are produced by Morgan Advanced Materials, EU, which specializes in manufacturing of high-temperature refractory materials of the highest quality, and Luyang Unifrax Trading Company Limited, China.

Refractory mortar is mainly used for laying the various refractory bricks, lining repairing and its protection from penetrating of liquid metal and slags into its joints and sometimes for gluing the various refractory materials to the metal sheets. Refractory mastic is used for various lining repairs, fittings and other tasks.

The main properties of refractory mortar and mastic are high refractoriness and bonding strength, low shrinkage and gas permeability, ease of use, good resistance to chemical effects, chemical resistance and others.

Accordingly, refractory mastic and mortar are indispensable in many tasks concerning the industrial equipment lining and insulation.