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Ceramic fiber Superwool HT Bulk consists of a mass of randomly oriented, normally long, fluffy refractory fibres. Refractory fiber Superwool HT Bulk has an excellent thermal stability and retains its original soft fibrous structure up to maximum continuous use temperature. Superwool HT Bulk contains no binder and a low amount of lubricant but does not emit fumes or smell during the first firing.

bulk high temperature insulation wool.

Classification temperature:
1300 0С (ENV1094-3)

The maximum continuous use temperature depends on the application. Please contact Morgan Thermal Ceramics for advice.

Grades available:

Lubricated Bulk: Code 73:
Lubricated fibre:
Two grades available: Extra Long and Long lubricated fibre
For infil in the roofs and walls of certain types of kilns
For seals around penetrations in furnaces, such as burner tubes, site holes etc, areas in refractory construction.

Un-lubricated Bulk: Code 70:

• 4 grades available:
• extra Long fibre;
• long fibre;
• medium fibre;
• short fibre.

Un-lubricated fibre is used in vacuum forming processes, mastics, mouldables sprays and coatings.

Selection of different fibre lengths controls the properties of the final product.

• superwool HT Bulk is virtually immune to thermal shock;
• the fibres are opaque to infra-red and so maintain their low thermal conductivity to high temperature;
• the fibres absorb very little energy on heating;
• the fibres are high purity and non-corrosive;
• the fibres are resilient and also resistant to mechanical damage;
• no reaction with alumina based bricks in application in the range of typical use temperature;
• exonerated from any carcinogenic classification under nota Q of directive 97/69 EC.

Availability and Packaging:
Bales: Superwool HT Bulk is available in 70kg bales (only non-lubricated or lubricated Long fibre available).
Bags: The following grades of Superwool HT Bulk are available in polyethylene bag with the following weight.

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