Year: 2020
Country: Ukraine
Industry: Ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy
• the furnace designed by the German company Riedhammer
• very low shrinkage allowance;
• more than 100 different brands of bricks;
• 5 months project implementation period;
• total number of involved personnel is 90 people;
• total number of installed refractories is 5,500 tons;
• bottom lining made of insulating concrete;
• refractory massif masonry along the furnace perimeter ;
• refractory masonry of partition walls, chamber construction;
• works were carried out with daily geodetic survey;
• lining of 10 arches according to our project.
It also should be noted that our company carried out a partial procurement of refractory materials for these works: 190 tons of insulating concrete, 8 types of modular blocks and ceramic fiber blankets 
The work was carried out in full, with high quality, in accordance with the technical requirements and in accordance with the established lines. This is evidenced by the review.

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