Dismantling of thermal equipmentIt turns out very often that the customer’s key requirement is a turnkey implementation of construction, reconstruction or modernization of the thermal units (boilers, furnaces and other heating equipment). This has included the dismantling of the heating equipment in addition the dismantling of metalware, dismantling of lining and combustion equipment and etc. The process has its specific character and demands certain skills and knowledge. Dismantling involves high risk, labour-intensiveness and the certain difficulties like working in the restricted space and concurrent operations at the site. Therefore an important factor in contractor selection for such works is experience, knowledge and observance of the labor protection legislation. «Inventum Ukraine» company has above mentioned knowledge and experience in dismantling works and also required approval documentation.

It should be noted that technical calculations and design estimate documentation should be done too often for dismantling of the thermal equipment. Thanking to own engineering center our company provides such services.