In May 21, 2019 year, friendly team has been celebrated the birthday of our company - 10 years! At the festive table, we recalled the path we had traveled, how a company of several people developed, opened new departments (technical, commercial, logistics, marketing, manufacturing and retail sales).We always set higher goals and objectives and achieved them year after year. For 10 years of hard work and continuous development, we have become partners with the world's leading manufacturers of refractory materials.The geography of supplies of materials and equipment for thermal units has steadily expanded: the United States, China, France, Belgium, Poland, Holland and others.
It was particularly interesting to look at the results of our activities a bit from an unusual angle:
- If we take the entire volume of refractory boards imported by us and fold them, the height will be 150 meters more than the tallest structure in the world, the "Khalif Tower", and its height is 828 meters.
- Fire-resistant mats could lay out a 322 km. long road.
For 10 years of work, we have successfully implemented over 70 projects at the leading industrial enterprises of Ukraine, Poland, the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation.
We thank our customers, partners and team for their enormous contribution to the development of the company!
"Inventum Ukraine" company celebrated its anniversary - 10 years