Heads "Inventum Ukraina" in October, 2015 held a meeting with the management of the "E.C.T.P. REFRACTORIES" company in the city to Anhee (Belgium). During a meeting conditions of further cooperation of the companies were discussed, and also acquaintance with features of production and training of specialists of our company in technologies of use of fire-resistant mixes and fire cement "E.C.T.P. REFRACTORIES". In the course of further cooperation of our company the certificate of the official dealer was awarded. The wide line of fire-resistant mixes allows to carry out exact selection of materials for accomplishment of different tasks of lining of industrial thermal units. Fire-resistant mixes and fire-resistant cement of the "E.C.T.P. REFRACTORIES" company possess good heatphysical properties and have operational top temperatures from 800 °C to 1800 °C.