Refractory mixes DURACON 32DURACON 32 is a mullite based, vibration cast mix that exhibits excellent hot strength and good thermal cycling characteristics. Its high purity and low porosity provide good corrosion resistance making this product ideal for high temperature boilers, upper side walls and roofs in aluminum furnaces, transfer equipment linings for iron holding, and as a general purpose low cement castable.


Maximum use temperature1760 °C
Material required 2.54 g/cm3
Grain size6 mm and finer
Installation methodsCasting/Vibration
Standard packaging25 kg multi-wall paper bags  
Vibration cast data
ЕemperatureDensityLinear expansionMORCCSHMORThermal conductivityAbrasion resistance
°Cg/cm3%MPaMPaMPaW/m K cm3
8152,54-0,3 tо 0,023,9106,239,12,066
10902,54-0,5 tо 0,324,4108,334,22,25-
14002,52-0,1 tо 0,525,6104,1-2,12-
16002,530,0 tо 1,023,7160,5--
Chemical Analysis                               
Al2O363,1 %
SiO231,6 %
TiO22,1 %
CaO 1,3 %
Fe2O31,1 %
Alkalis0,2 %
MgO0,2 %

Set times and water requirements

Water required4,0 - 5,5 %
Working timeup to 1 hr
Initial set2 – 6  hours
Final set5 - 12 hours