Year: 2010
Country: Ukraine
Industry: Chemical and petrochemical industry

In July 2011 the specialists of our company carried out the works on thermal insulation of capacity. Applicable material: liquid insulation "TSM Ceramic".
The main advantages of the material used are:
1. Lower cost of materials and work in comparison with the standard materials and work (laying of basalt mats and its covering with the sheets of a galvanized steel).
2. Better thermal insulation characteristics (coefficient of thermal conductivity is much lower).
3. The lower labor costs in comparison with the standard methods of insulation.
4. Much higher lifetime of the material (over 10 years).
5. Repairability (simplicity to determine the location of the leak).
6. Additional protection of a capacity due to corrosion-resistant and waterproofing properties of the material.
7. Excellent adhesion.
8. Possibility of applying insulation to hot surfaces without interrupting the operation of the equipment.
9. Ability to use the material in hard to reach places.

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