Year: 2015
Country: Ukraine
Industry: Ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy

From June till August 2015 on the metallurgical combine, were done the works on modernization of the refractory lining of the furnace heat roller by our specialists . The furnace is designed for heat treatment of hot-rolled plates and has a working volume of 968 m3.

The main tasks set by the customer:

• Reduction of  costs for the energy resources due to modernization of the furnace lining (reduction of heat loss and the cost of accumulating heat lining);

• Lining of equipment must be a minimum inertia (reduced heat accumulation ) in order to achieve the most rapid warm-up and shut-down the oven;

• minimal design changes when upgrading a furnace;

• Guaranteed resistance lining equipment must be at least 5 years.

In the process of modernization of the furnace the experts "Inventum Ukraine" carried out the following work:

• developed design and estimate documentation;

• was produced the dismantling the old furnace lining;

• preparation of metal structures for the installation of modern liners (installation of metal sheets, marking and welding of refractory fasteners) was carried out;

• was done the mounting of the furnace lining with help of the high-temperature modular units (ceramic blocks) LYTX 1140M on roller embrasures, side walls, domes and sidewalls of the removable sections, suspended damper, end walls of the dome and the furnaces bottom, repair windows;

• Also were done the works on laying of refractory fireclay brick (bottom, burner stones);

• was made installation of removable sections of the dome at the base of the furnace

The ceramic blocks (modular units) LYTX 1140M manufactured by Luyang Unifrax Trading Company Limited (China) were used as the base material of the lining equipment. Ceramic blocks LYTX 1140M were installing on anchors in view of welding to them shims, after that was made the sealing of nests in places of installation of washers and seal the joints between the modular units with help of the refractory fiber LYTX 212. Sealing gaps roller embrasures conducted with help of the canvas LYTX 208A2. Temperature and discharge seams are made with help of the paper from refractory fiber LYTX 236B. These materials on the basis of refractory fibers have successfully established themselves as some of the best value for money for this application, are highly resistant to thermal shock, low thermal conductivity and low thermal capacity.

Our specialists have successfully coped with the modernization of the furnace, the work completed on time and in full, in accordance with contractual obligations.

At the moment, the furnace successfully put into operation.


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