Year: 2010
Country: Ukraine
Industry: Chemical and petrochemical industry

 In July 2010 the specialists of our company carried out the works on thermal insulation of the steam lines with a temperature of 150 0С. For the insulation of steam lines it had been decided to clean the surface of the pipe beforehand and cover it by the heat-resistant anti-corrosion enamel KO-828. After that to isolate the steam pipe by the multilayer insulation:
1st layer - the high-temperature ceramic fiber mats (blankets) LYTX-212;
2nd layer - a chemically cross-linked foil foam polyethylene Alyufom A8;
3rd layer - double foil reinforced with fiberglass Folar B.
Work on thermal insulation of the steam line 144 m in length, including the dismantling of the old isolation, had been carried out by our 3 (three) experts in 19 (nineteen) days.
The materials used have confirmed their excellent thermal insulation properties.

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