Year: 2017
Country: Ukraine
Industry: Energy
• development of the lining replacement design, including estimation documentation;
• partial dismantling of metal structures of the framework and complete dismantling of the existing lining;
• installation of the metal structures of the framework;
• lining installation;
• modernization, improvement, and adaptation of the gas-burning equipment;
• replacement, installation, and setting of the modern systems of monitoring and control;
• installation of a new modern automatic process control system on the basis of the Siemens controller and the author's software;
• commissioning works, preparation and development of flow diagrams
The result:
• the total weight of the lining was reduced by more than 7 times, whereas all thermophysical parameters and the productivity of the furnace were improved;
• the resistance of the lining to thermal shocks was improved;
• total natural gas consumption was reduced by more than 23%.
Here you can view the corresponding feedback.


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