Year: 2019
Country: Ukraine
Industry: Mechanical engineering, metalworking and pipe-rolling production

For several months Inventum Ukraine has implemented a project to restore the refractory lining of the rotary hearth furnace. Our company had a number of tasks: to carry out a packaged supply of refractory materials (heavy-duty and medium-weight refractory concretes, insulation brick, mortar, materials based on ceramic fibre), manufacture of side stones and burner stones, dismantling of outdated lining and installation work to restore the lining.

Having received the technical documentation on the furnace and materials, our company experts began to select refractory products. Thanks to cooperation with world leaders in the production of similar materials, this stage was successfully completed. The customer approved the products we offered and we started to deliver the package to the customer’s warehouse.
The next step was the dismantling of outdated lining and preparatory work for the installation of refractories - the laying of insulating bricks, pouring heavy-duty and medium-weight refractory concrete. Having completed the preparatory work, the experts of the installation department proceeded to the restoration of the lining, namely:
1) Furnace hearth:
- installation of side stones (made by our company according to customer drawings);
- insulation brick laying, produced by Morgan Thermal Ceramics (EU);
- pouring of refractory concrete of medium weight produced by ECTP Refractories (Belgium);
- the base layer of the refractory lining of the furnace hearth is made of special lightweight concrete by ECTP Refractories (Belgium).
2) Internal and external walls of the furnace:
- installation of burner blocks (made by our company due to customer’s drawings);
- installation of a multi-layer construction of lightweight refractories based on ceramic fibre (mats and boards) by Luyang Unifrax Trading Company Limited (PRC);
- refractory concrete pouring.
3) Furnace roof arch:
- installation of ceramic fibre refractories;
- installation of burner blocks;
- refractory concrete pouring according to the worksheet.
4) The loading and unloading dampers are lined with refractory modular blocks based on ceramic fiber.
5) The arches of the loading and unloading windows are lined with refractory concrete.
6) Clamps of the annular furnace are lined with refractory bricks and refractory concrete.
Our company experts successfully coped with the tasks to restore the lining of the rotary hearth furnace (refer to the corresponding feedback). All materials were delivered in full, the work was performed according to the technical documentation for the furnace and in compliance with the technological process concerning refractory materials usage.


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