Year: 2015
Country: Ukraine
Industry: Production of ceramics and building materials

In July and August 2015 the specialists of "Inventum Ukraina" were carried out work on the lining of refractory concrete (refractory mixture) tuyere nozzles of the metallurgical plant's blast furnace. This oven is the most powerful in Europe and has a useful volume of 5034 m³. Lining requiring nozzle used for injecting pulverized coal into a blast furnace.

The choice was due to the concrete requirements of the refractory durability in the new grinding system, and injection pulverized coal fuel into a blast furnace. We had made delivery  refractory concrete, made all the necessary preparatory work (had made formwork and the necessary equipment) for the subsequent lining of nozzle by the refractory concrete . In all there were lined 84 products, and besides this nozzles had various sizes and modifications.

Fill refractory mixture (the most important stage of work execution) was conducted in accordance with the technical regulations, agreed with the manufacturer of the refractory mixture. The work was done by our experienced qualified professionals using the specialized equipment (special concrete mixers, vibrators, etc.).

Lining nozzles was made with help of the heat-resistant concrete TUFFCRETE 47, production companies "Allied Mineral Products" (USA, Netherlands), which by its chemical composition and thermal properties is well suited for the tasks:

-Al2O3 content is 48%;

-High temperature applications to 1540 ° C;

- Minimum linear expansion of 0.3% at 1400 ° C;

- Low thermal conductivity;

- High density of 2.11 g / cm3 at 1400 ° C.

This heat-resistant concrete TUFFCRETE 47 can also be used for lining furnaces and boilers, and various heating equipment. Lining nozzles blast furnace with help of the heat-resistant concrete was made qualitatively, in full and on time. At the moment, the nozzle are successfully  putting  into operation.

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