Year: 2017
Country: Ukraine
Industry: Mechanical engineering, metalworking and pipe-rolling production

In 2017, "Inventum Ukraine" on the customer’s technical specification basis, has conducted a complete overhaul with modernization of the thermal gas furnace with a 1 ton load.

Technical specification required the following tasks:
- project development;
- overhaul of the furnace (replacement of wall armors and metal structures of the window shutter);
- replacement of the furnace lining (side walls, a kiln damper, a furnace crown, a furnace bottom and a neck);
- replacement of gas burners (installation of recuperative gas burners);
- installation of the modern furnace control system;
- commissioning works.
Our engineering department has developed a project concerning the furnace upgrading, on the technical specification basis, and approved it with the customer. Having completed supplying of necessary materials and equipment, our installation department began its work. First of all, manufacture and replacement of furnace steel structures was made. In this stage preparatory works concerning installation of the refractory lining was held. Walls, the damper, the furnace crown were lined by modules made of ceramic fiber, and the substrate - of blankets and boards. Fastenings of the ceramic fiber lining are made of heat-resistant steel. Such lining enables to maintain an acceptable temperature on the casing surface and minimum heat losses. The furnace bottom, the side stone of furnace walls, the loading window are made of heavy-duty refractory concrete.
Outdated gas burners were replaced by regenerative type burners, produced by "Kromschroder" (Germany), with all necessary regulating and controlling equipment. Such burners’ applying enables to provide necessary, uniform heating mode and substantially reduce the fuel consumption. Upon completion of repair and upgrading of the furnace, our company's specialists carried out a set of commissioning works and trained the customer's staff so they could work with new modern equipment.

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