Year: 2017
Country: Ukraine
Industry: Mechanical engineering, metalworking and pipe-rolling production

Having received a technical task on the chamber furnace upgrading, our experts begun to work on its draft. Engineers from the technical department have analyzed the existing lining, burner units and a furnace design. The existing lining was made of refractory bricks, which were partially destroyed, resulting to the large heat losses, as well as high energy costs. The burners were malfunctioning and did not ensure proper furnace operation.

The main requirements of the customer concerning upgrading were:
- heat losses reduction by 40%;
- reducing of ignition time and furnace cooling by 40%;
- minimal changes in the furnace construction.

Our engineering center developed a project concerning the chamber furnace upgrading, replacing the refractory lining (using lightweight materials based on ceramic fiber). This project fully meets basic requirements of the customer. Walls, a crown and loading windows of the furnace are lined by boards, blankets and moduls based on ceramic fiber.  Such lining design enabled to reduce its thickness by 30%, significantly reducing heat losses and shorten the furnace ignition time and cooling. A chimney box is lined with refractory blankets based on ceramic fiber and calcium-silicate boards.

Our company coped with the task, set by the customer, to modernize the chamber furnace qualitatively and in a short time. The thermal chamber furnace was successfully put into operation. In result, specific fuel consumption was reduced by 45%.

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