Year: 2018
Country: Ukraine
Industry: Ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy

The draft of the furnace lining modernization began with a detailed analysis of the furnace functioning aspects, its structure and customer's requirements to the upgrading results.

Our experts suggested a set of measures for the furnace upgrading:
- lining replacement (replacement of chamotte bricks to the modern, low-inert refractory materials based on ceramic fiber);
- rework of the furnace steel structures;
- development and manufacturing of special lining units for roller embrasures;
- development and manufacturing of special lining units for joints of removable sections of the furnace;
- upgrading of burners to reduce fuel consumption;
- conducting of the upgraded furnace operational tuning.
These measures were suggested to minimize the heat losses of the furnace and, as a result, reduce the fuel rate.

Application of the modern refractory materials, based on ceramic fiber, in case of furnace units local repair enables to conduct a quick lining replacement, and return it to its place after fixing failures. The refractory boards and LYTX modular blocks were used for side and rear walls lining. The furnace crown is lined with boards, blankets and LYTX modular blocks.  Special modules, made of vacuum-formed boards CeraFoam, ceramic fiber and calcium silicate boards, have been developed and manufactured for roller embrasures.  The joints of furnace sections were compacted with specially designed and manufactured modules made of refractory boards and blankets.

All works concerning the furnace upgrading were performed by our own staff without any subcontractor’s involvement. The works were carried out in a high-quality manner, in full and in terms agreed with the customer. The project feedbacks can be found following this link:

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