Year: 2017
Country: Ukraine
Industry: Energy

This work was carried out according to the project, which was developed by our partners ("Energoprogress" design institute), which required a huge set of technically and technologically complicated measures for steam boiler conversion to work on Anthracite coal.

From 01.10.2017 till 31.01.2018 our specialists conducted the work package concerning the boiler conversion to work on coal.
The implementation of this project included:
- construction work (dismantling of existing equipment, excavation works, foundation pouring);
-manufacture and supply of the equipment (mist eliminators, Venturi pipes, coal pipes, gas flues, cyclones, dumper separators, compensating pipes, supports and suspensions);
- installation works (installation of a miller, an engine, a gear and a drive, a milling fan for foundations, oil system installation, a cooling system for bearings, mist eliminators installation, Venturi pipes, gas flues, coal pipes, cyclones, separators);
- software development and installation of automated process control system, a set of electrical works;
- thermal insulation works (thermal insulation of the entire installed equipment);
- a set of start-up operations and commissioning works concerning the boiler conversion to work on coal dust.

"Inventum Ukraine" LLC has got a set of necessary equipment and tools for performing these tasks as well as qualified personnel: engineers, installers, welders, commissioners, automatic process control system engineers and electricians.

This set of works concerning the boiler conversion to work on coal was carried out at a professional level, in difficult weather conditions, on the working equipment, taking into account the schedules of equipment shutdowns and timely commissioning.

Our staff coped with these tasks in full and on time. The appropriate customer feedback is an evidence of the qualitatively performed work.

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