Year: 2018
Country: Ukraine
Industry: Mechanical engineering, metalworking and pipe-rolling production
In 2018, our company received the following technical assignment for the reconstruction of the furnace lining of the drying conveyor. Due to the outdated and partially destroyed lining on the roof, the side walls and the damper, as well as on the unstable operation of the control system and gas burners, the furnace consumed a large amount of energy resources. The main purpose of the reconstruction of the furnace lining is to reduce the specific consumption of natural gas.
Having developed a technical solution, we proposed the following to the customer:
- replacement of the arched chamotte brick vault with a flat vault of ceramic-fibre modules;
- reinforcement of additional lining of ceramic fibre mats;
- lining the base of carts and dampers.
The project to reconstruct the lining of the furnace began with dismantling. The arch vault of fireclay bricks was disassembled, and its metal structures were brought to a state that would allow installing a flat vault of ceramic-fibre modules. Having prepared the metalwork, the specialists of the installation department proceeded to the installation of refractory modules based on ceramic fibre. Such a reconstruction of the arch allowed to significantly reduce the energy consumption of the furnace. In order to reduce heat losses, the side walls of the kiln were reinforced with additional lining with ceramic fibre mats. Burner embrasures, dampers and the base of the carts were mounted on fireproof mats. New lining also reduces gas consumption by reducing heat accumulation when the furnace is heated to a working temperature of 500 °C.
The project on the reconstruction of the furnace lining is implemented in full and in the approved period.

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