Year: 2017
Country: Ukraine
Industry: Mechanical engineering, metalworking and pipe-rolling production

Thanks to long-term experience of carrying out lining works, specialists "Inventum Ukraine" quickly developed a technical solution on repair of lining of a back wall and the roof of the heat treatment furnace and started its implementation.

The first stage of repair work was dismantle of the existing lining, extracts, air ducts and the burner equipment. Also preparation of a metalwork for installation of heat-insulating blocks basis of ceramic fiber, which maximum operating temperature of 1427 °C. After dismantle of old lining and burner equipment was executed, our specialists established fire-resistant fixture for heat-insulating blocks, on in advance prepared metalwork. Also air ducts, an extract, torches, thermocouples and replacement of a afterburner chamber of gases were installed. Mounting of heat-insulating lining on the roof and a back wall of the furnace became the final stage of works. In the course of mounting of heat-insulating blocks, thermal seams were blocked by mats basis of ceramic fiber for reduction of a thermal loss.
It should be noted, that heat-insulating blocks can be manufactured the different amount, forms, and also different methods of fastening, that allows to execute mounting of lining on the most difficult sites of thermal units.
The main benefits of blocks from high-temperature heat-insulating fiber:
- resistance to thermal blows
- low heat conductivity and heat capacity
- small weight
- durability
- simplicity and convenience of mounting.
And, as the result, use of heat-insulating blocks on the basis of ceramic fiber as lining of thermal units allows to reach essential economy on energy carriers and higher rates of work of the thermal equipment, in comparison with lining by a shamotny brick.

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