Year: 2015
Country: Ukraine
Industry: Energy

In 2015 specialists of our company performed works on a major repair of a waste incineration boiler. The design and estimate department developed a technical solution on performance of objectives by the customer, namely:
- temperature on a boiler surface nо more than 50 °C;
- guarantee firmness of refractory lining and thermal isolation is not less than 10 years;
- reduction of a thermal losses in environment;
- minimum changes of a design of a boiler;
- firmness of fire-resistant materials for influence of chemical, abrasive, slag and other factors.

For performance of objectives, the technical department of our company, accepted the decision in connection with a vertical, horizontal and inclined arrangement of different elements of a boiler, to applied a gunite mix and lightweight fire-resistant materials on the basis of ceramic fiber. Gunite mix (fire-resistant concrete) are established by means of the special equipment, which fed material under pressure of compressed air. Thus all possible cracks and a small pores are filled. Guniting increases the mechanical strength, density of structure increases and heat-physical characteristics of the boiler are increases. Guniting of elements of a boiler and lining are carried out by fire-resistant mixes and concrete of production "Morgan Advanced Materials" and "HASLE Refractories".

Fire-resistant materials on the basis of ceramic fiber of the Luyang Unifrax Trading Company Limited company were used for consolidation of thermal seams - LYTX 236B paper, and for heat insulation of an external surface of a boiler - mats LYTX 112 and LYTX 212. Fire-resistant fixture are production of "IRIS" company,  was applied to fastening of mats LYTX. It should be noted that mats of LYTX have low heat conductivity, the corresponding resistance to temperature and the oxidizing environment.

Major repair of lining of a waste incineration boiler is executed according to technical documentation, in full and in established periods. The corresponding customer review can be found here.

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