Year: 2019
Country: Ukraine
Industry: Mechanical engineering, metalworking and pipe-rolling production

The main tasks in the development of a project for the overhaul of the lining of the water-cooled pipes in pre heating furnace were the following:
- Economy of fuel due to reduction of losses with the cooling water;
- The possibility of local repair of the lining, if required;
- The minimum cost of installation and maintenance;
- The warranty period of the lining is 2 years.

The developed technical solution was based on modern high-performance refractory and insulating materials application. Having approved it with the Customer, we proceeded to the materials supply and installation work.

Horizontal longitudinal and transverse pipes are lined with blocks of refractory pierced fibre by Morgan Advanced Materials. These blocks were made taking into account the particular configuration of the pipes. They were mounted to the surface with brackets made of heat-resistant steel AISI310.This installation ensures a tight fit of the blocks to the surface of the pipes and to each other. The upper horizontal surface of the longitudinal pipe blocks are covered with special refractory sprayed concrete. After installation and compaction, a layer of Morgan Advanced Materials refractory mastic was applied on the remaining surfaces of the blocks. Concrete and mastic, in addition to their thermal insulation properties, protect the blocks from scale and mechanical impact. Vertical pipes are also lined with blocks of refractory pierced fibre to a certain height, and further - with LYTX mats and chamotte bricks. 

Major overhaul of lining of water-cooled pipe in pre heating furnace is completed in full and on time (refer to the corresponding review).

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