Year: 2016
Country: Ukraine
Industry: Energy

Specialists of our company in 2016 executed the project on replacement of lining of processing equipment of thermal power plant. The project is developed by our design and estimate department according to the preliminary specifications of the customer. The project included such main points:
- a hot layer of lining - fire-resistant concrete with the low content of cement, low heat conductivity, resistance to the chemical environment of the burned fuel;
- material of an insulation layer - a heat-insulating boards with low heat conductivity, high strength, moisture resistance;
- temperature on a surface of the equipment should not exceed admissible norms.

Working temperature of the equipment is from 260 °C to 1150 °C. Objects of lining were: combustion chamber (fire chamber), gas flues, superheater and other equipment.

The combustion chamber is lined by several layers of heat-insulating boards of Superwool Plus Blok which fastened by means of DRS anchors. The hot layer of lining is made of fire-resistant concrete Allied Mineral Products. The concrete layer is strengthened by VNM anchors. All anchors are made of a quality creep-resisting steel of AISI 310. This combination of materials allows to carry out in full tasks of resistance to the chemical environment of the burned fuel, to create high strength of lining, and also these materials possess low heat conductivity. 

Lining of gas flues also multilayer. Her mounting began with welding of fire-resistant fixture of DRS for fastening of heat-insulating plates of Superwool Plus Blok. Then specialists of our company started pouring of fire-resistant concrete Allied Mineral Products.

Also other fire-resistant and thermal insulation materials, were applied: fire-resistant  concrete Allied Mineral Products, mats on the basis of ceramic fiber LYTX - 312, modular blocks LYTX - 1260 M and fire-resistant paper LYTX - 236 B.

All works are performed according to the project, in full and in established periods.

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